Organisational, Relationship and Team Coaching

Organisational, Relationship and Team Coaching Methodoligies enable us to work with 1-2-1 Relationships, Teams and Organisational Systems to help generate healthy, creative relationships in all areas of life.  In particular, but not restricted to improving...


  • Ineffective or toxic communication
  • Low morale or burnout
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
  • Lack of creativity and productivity
  • Confusion about roles in a system (team or Relationship)


The use of Relationship Intelligence tools and techniques helps individuals notice their role in the system and take responsibility for their contribution to the environment being created.  On another level there are tools and techniques we can use to simply inform all the roles in the system of the opinions, voices or points of view that are being held.  This improves the awareness of all parts of the system and this improved awareness, in turn, informs decision making.  For more information see the Real Coaching resources section.