Testimonials - Real Coaching and Leadership references from Clients

Here is a selection of testimonials from both coaching clients and participants on my Authentic Leadership programme.  For more client testimonials, click here and for more leadership feedback click here.

Ronnie got me in just 12 minutes.  I had been looking for the right coach for some time to help me chrystalise the direction I wanted to take in my life, and in my taster session over the phone, Ronnie drew out of me, and articulated for me three values which are fundamental to me but which I had never actually expressed before.  That was when I knew I had found my coach.  Since then she has helped me to make my vision real and taught me tools which help me not to sabotage my dream. Ronnie is a gifted coach who is in demand, so if you have a chance to work with her, take it!

Here's the profound part: your intuition was amazing as you brought up things that you would have no idea would be important but you connected with me and your intuition was right. I like that you've lived out your message and I see myself in the process of a similar journey...

The leadership programme has equipped me with skills and experiences that today are having a marked beneficial impact on my performance and on the way I lead my business unit.  The combination of the leadership sessions and the coaching provide a powerful structure that enables the new ideas, thoughts and approaches to be absorbed, developed and then applied in the workplace.  The programme has opened up my eyes to taking personal responsibility, to seeing things through the eyes of others to making real conscious choices, to trying new things - all things that are beneficial on the road to becoming an authentic leader and to driving tangible improvements in business performance.  I think this is an essential programme for leaders within this organisation.
This programme is challenging, provocative and at times quite profound. Participants are required  to really  participate but in return....well all I can say is that few course I've attended have given me such an insight into my strengths and capabilities and enabled me to turn this into direct business results. This isn't interesting theory, it focuses on the potential within everyone and shows how to leverage this to maximum effect in the challenges we face in our business day to day. I'm sorry if this sounds like one of those trite endorsements you see on the back of the latest management guru's paperback but there it is.  Like the famous west end theatre  poster said 'fight for a seat.'