Embracing Your Shadow - Evolution in Action

This half-day workshop is designed to help you identify some strategies you adopted as a child and how they now impact your behaviour as an adult.  In order to lead others we must first do our own work and our own development.  This workshop can be targeted to any audience, it was designed to aid the personal development of Coaches and Leaders.

Drawing on the foundational philosophy of The Leadership Circle Profile Certification Training, in this lively interactive workshop, led by CTI leader Ronnie Clifford you will:

- Learn about the Adult Stages of Development
- Learn about the Leadership Circle Profile
- Identify the predominant Reactive strategy you adopted as a child in order to survive in the world of adults and how unconsciously that same strategy for better or worse continues to shape your identity as an adult.
- Explore how you have marginalized into the unconscious (shadow) the behaviors you do not consider part of your identity and identify the limitations of this.
- Turn courageously and tenderly towards the behaviors lurking in the shadow and claim these behaviours as vibrant parts of the integrated and whole self.


Experiential Coaching Skills

This 6 hour workshop is designed to help you identify some areas of communication where you could be more effective.  In order to be successful Leaders we need to be in relationship with our colleagues.  This workshop will help you understand the importance of Coaching as a leadership Style, in the context of the other Leadership Styles. 

Based upon Sir John Witmore's GROW Coaching model in this workshop you will;
- Learn the importance of being able to use Situational Leadership styles
- Learn how the GROW model works
- Learn to use and practice new listening techniques
- Learn to use and practice a new way of asking questions that have impact
- Identity your strengths and areas for development in using the Coaching Leadership Style
- Have the opportunity to practice the tools and techniques in a safe environment
- Have the experience of using the new tools and techniques you learned in the workshop

This is a great workshop to point you to where you excel in your ability to be in relationship with others and where you have areas for development.