Client Feedback

Improved Impact

The leadership programme has equipped me with skills and experiences that today are having a marked beneficial impact on my performance and on the way I lead my business unit.  The combination of the leadership sessions and the coaching provide a powerful structure that enables the new ideas, thoughts and approaches to be absorbed, developed and then applied in the workplace.  The programme has opened up my eyes to taking personal responsibility, to seeing things through the eyes of others to making real conscious choices, to trying new things - all things that are beneficial on the road to becoming an authentic leader and to driving tangible improvements in business performance.  I think this is an essential programme for leaders within this organisation.


The impact of the Learning/Coaching has been high for me.  It has given me a lot more confidence in my ability and a good coping strategy for both my work and home life.  It has taught me to stand back from the detail, delegate more and make choices not just based on past experiences but also future expectations.  I learned to recognise and deal with my gremlins which were previously adversely impacting me, influencing my decisions and preventing me from moving forward towards my goals.  I have revised my leadership style which was mainly affiliative to a balance of affiliative, coaching and authoritative.  This has helped me to delegate more, making people in the team more accountable and develop my people, freeing up more time for me to think strategically rather than be in a constant ractive mode.  Learning to say no effectively has been a big benefit for me together with the fact that I have choices and it is up to me to make them.


The 1-1 coaching sessions were very useful as tey allowed me to set up an action plan tailored towards my circumstances at the time and also the future.  The workshops (including background reading) were also structured in a way to aid learning and share experiences/build relations with other attendees.  This worked very well.  Overall this has been an excellent learning experience for me and I would recommend the Leadership Programme to anyone. 

Life Changing

I've found the coaching sessions to be incredible and the value I have gained from them has been immense.  Over the past 12 months my confidence has grown significantly ... e.g. trying new things which would have previously been "too scary" to even consider.  This has broadened my range of skills and my abilities as a leader.  I've prepared less for meetings (over-preparing previously), been less critical of myself and my abilities and focused on what is really important - both at work and at home.  this has resulted in me being less stressed too.  I have also been noticing and understanding more about myself and the habits I've formed which have been holding me back and then making positive changes to move forward.


In particular the future self visualisations were incredibly powerful - looking to the future and using that to guide how I shape the short and medium term.


One significant personal result has been the decision to move to Scotland, a decision I would never have previously contemplated but which 100% right for me at this stage in my life (I now realise).


Your "inquiries" Ronnie kept the momentum of the coaching going and gave me real tests to explore - I could not have envisaged the changes that have arisen 12 months ago.  All in all this is the best self development I have done and it has significantly changed my life and for which I owe a lot to you..................  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

More Direction and Better Results

Through this education I have a greater sense of direction.  I feel that I understand how to be more effective in all that I do and hence deliver better results for myself and the organisation.  This is an excellent programme that supprots the real growth of leadership in the company.  It builds confidence, effectiveness and improves performance.  It has built a real sense of team and I would love to continue to work with the team and the coaching if possible.

Effective Leadership

This programme has helped me work with my team, my clients and the rest of the company to get better results all around.  It has enabled me to better understand myself and to become a better, more effective leader.