Coaching Client Testimonials

This is what our clients have to say about us, although due to the confidential nature of the client-coach relationship we have witheld details that could identify them.


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Here's the profound part: your intuition was amazing as you brought up things that you would have no idea would be important but you connected with me and your intuition was right. I like that you've lived out your message and I see myself in the process of a similar journey...

A No-Nonsense Approach

Because of your experience and enthusiasm, your approach and way of being, like you instinctively know what to do, or say. Your no nonsense approach combined with your grounded approach and your range to also have fun and be light, it is new, different and fresh. You are compelling, realistic and grounded all at the same time. 


Why did I pick you as a coach, well I remember how fab you were last year when I was in a difficult place and you made me feel both safe, supported and like I would be able to survive and that was before certification. Also I respond well to grounded professional people who know their stuff and I knew that you really delved into the learning of certification both for your own learning and your clients learning. i.e. you are both intuitive and informed about your coaching. Plus for sure you will hang me over the side of the mountain if necessary and hold me safely, gently and kindly as well. And you are real, you have your own gremlins and you know what it is like to work on yourself and know that it is not always easy. And you have a huge heart. Plus importantly, you don't take yourself too seriously and you can have a laugh. This is very important! Also I really wanted someone who had a good take on certification as a process and learning experience and I felt that when it gets tough you will be able to show me the light at the end of the tunnel. Plus personally I think you are fab and I was hoping some of it might rub off on me if you were my coach! 

Keeping it Real

Where do I start? I think the first words you said to me in our first coaching session was b*!@s!@*. That made me sit up and take notice for the first time. In 3 months of previous coaching, I was going nowhere and we were having "nice chats" but I felt my coach was learning about me but I learnt nothing new. In the short sessions you and I had, you woke me up and made a significant difference and I needed that. Otherwise, obvious things are: your intuition, your ability to cut through the mess and get right to the heart of the issue. I liked that. I could go on... You are a star, but then you know that. 

Big Decisions

I feel I have a better view of life now, and have recently requested to work compressed hours which will help towards me having more time for me and my family and friends. So although my first cycle of IVF has been unsuccessful, I still feel positive that I will have children one day and that view is thanks to Ronnie!

Focus and Consistency

Coaching impact extends across all aspects of my life; enabling me to focus on those things of importance and benefit to me, whilst giving me The confidence and tools/techniques to address those that are not. It Has enabled me to be more consistent in my behaviours and to understand More about my goals and driving positively towards them. 

New Perspectives

The impact that coaching has had on me and my life is wide ranging. From the opportunity to take a short time out periodically to reflect on where I am and what I am trying to achieve, to building new perspectives on my life and the way it is organised. Coaching offers a massive 'personal development' toolkit which can be honed as appropriate to my current needs. It holds up a neutral and unbiased mirror for me and enables me to get a glimpse of who and what I am. Specifically, it has enabled me to structure my aspirations and therefore influence how I spend my time; it has enabled me to discover some of the things that are most important to me from the mass of possibilities and it has given me new techniques to help relieve stress and notice when the gremlin is in charge!

Confidence to Get Back on Track

Ronnie Clifford brings all of herself to her coaching.  By that I mean her brilliant common sense and down to earth approach.  Mix a razor sharp mind with warmth and compassionate and a wealth of experience in the corporate world and watch your inner world change for the better.  Ronnie helped me  bannish those nagging self doubts about my ability that get in the way of me being my best confident, can do me!  Ronnie's coaching helped me to feel energised and back on track.  You're a star Ronnie, thank you. 

Powerful Choices

As we have discussed before, I think the biggest thing I have learnt on our journey is that I have the power to make choices and only I can do that for me. I feel so much more content now than I have before, I don't question myself, my doings or my environment as much, I accept more and cause myself less stress. I'm not scared of what the future will bring but look forward to it now, grabbing it by the horns and enjoying the ride.  Thank you for starting and joining me on this journey..............


From my first converstation with Ronnie, it just felt natural, just like talking to an old friend.  It is only after we have finished a session that I realise what ground we have covered and the impact it has.  Ronnie understood me immediately.  She has helped me make sense of a multitude of things, link them together and see the patterns I create.  In doing this I feel a real change in me.  My mindset, actions and therefore life are changing rapidly.  I believe that I now have the skills that will empower me in the future too.